The objective was to make a brand identity which would take the audience back to their childhood, a world full of imagination and dreams. It is meant for audiences of all ages and genders who were once crazy about their toys. I created a brand, a web-commercial and packaging.


Mr. Bumbel’s Museum of Toys is a time capsule, giving future generations the opportunity to see what their parents and grandparents played with. Re-discover a time fueled by young creative minds, encapsulating toys’ endless possibilities. Empower yourself by revisiting your inner child. Reminisce of a limitless world.

Project Recognition

Applied Arts Award Winner, Motion Category, 2012

Adobe Design Achievement Award Semi-finalist, Print Category 2012

Adobe Design Achievement Award Semi-finalist, Motion Category 2012

Adobe Design Achievement Award Semi-finalist, PackagingCategory 2012

Featured on Computer Arts Daily Inspiration

Salazar Award Finalist, 2012

Best Graduate Project at Digital Design, Vancouver Film School, 2012

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts Winner, VFS Impact Awards, 2012

Technical Achievement Nominee, VFS Impact Awards, 2012