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What I do at Kite?


As I complete two years at Kite as the Head of Design I want to reflect on my time here. So I will be writing about my entire journey in a couple of posts. I want to start with describing my exact role and things I was responsible for. This will cover what all I was doing at Kite and how I did it will be covered in the later posts.


As a design head, I collaborated with other designers to make their work better and keep them motivated. Apart from the designers, I spent most of my time working with product managers and building the Kite suite of products. I was a close liaison with developers in an agile development methodology to ensure an easy-to-use final product.

Multi-Product Focus

We worked on multiple products at the same time (Kite Tab, Kite Grub, Kite Payouts, Kite Cash). Balancing priorities, focus and time of the design team was a crucial responsibility.

Design Structure

As we scaled, bringing structure & consistency in design was the key. Making a standard design pattern across our product lines and overseeing the evolution and implementation of our brand design guidelines for all marketing and communication channels was my responsibility.

Team and Culture

The major role of any manager or head is creating an inspiring and positive culture. I had the task of building a great team who can work with product managers, developers, and other teams to understand requirements & design user experiences that meet their needs.

Design—customer-centric and simple

Empathy for the user is the main thing you need and the rest will follow. Keeping complex features simple through design was the main task. Customer centricity in design is a must and regularly connecting with customers to have first-hand feedback on the design was a philosophy that was needed to be implemented. Pushing myself and the team to visualize complex features into simple designs was my most challenging and exciting task.

In my next post, I will get into details on each subject and how of things. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions and doubts please let me know.


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