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Two Weeks with ViralTag

Managing social media for professionals is a hassle you can't avoid. Majority of traffic on my websites come from social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. So I am always looking for tools that can help me be more productive and save time.

Out of all the social media networks the most interesting to me is Pinterest. A unique ability we have using pinterest is to get targeted traffic which will really be interested in our product / website. For example if I pin travel related images and link them to my online travel magazine (wandering) the user is not cheated and might actually go through the content we offer because it's interesting to them.

This love for pinterest made me dig around tools to make me more productive on social media. I was fortunate enough to find great services like IFTTT , Buffer , Crowdfire etc. but none of them had dedicated stuff for Pinterest. I was mainly looking for bulk upload of pins and managing multiple users together. I stumbled upon "Pinloadr"  a $3.00 Mac app which only lets me bulk upload to pinterest but it got shut because of constant changes in Pinterest API. I contacted the developer to ask if he plans to update but he told me its just not feasible to maintain this app in such a low price. I felt I am ok with paying more if I had a bit more functionality  and then I came across ViralTag

ViralTag by far is the best tool I have used for Pinterest and Tumblr, it supports many social media platforms to schedule and bulk upload content. Its definitely not the cheapest tool but if you know what you are doing its totally worth it. Also the team seems very nice and might offer you discounted prices. 

You can have 10 social profiles linked in the Pro Plan they all can be different pintrest accounts, tumblr accounts or any other platform they offer. 

You can schedule post for all the networks, bulk upload stuff and most importantly bulk update them. For example if you upload 10 images of iceland and you want them to have same link and description you can easily do that. Although I suggest you to have unique description for your pins.

The interface is quite nice, I work as an UI/UX designer so I always have some suggestions but it's still the best out there. One good thing I noticed is because of their subscription model they have the resources and time to listen to users and improve their product. They keep updating their UI/UX and keep making it better.

Just recently they introduced Instagram tools, Although you can't upload directly from the viraltag website you can schedule it and viraltag app reminds you and helps you upload it faster. I am sure whenever instagram introduces an Uploading API these guys will make sure to integrate it. 

In conclusion this is your best bet for now, It works well and makes me 10 time more productive. Please feel free to suggest other tools and if you have any product related questions I would suggest to contact the ViralTag team as they are much more qualified to answer technical questions. Cheers.

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