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In 2014, I posted a list of typography-related resources on my website. A lot of designers really appreciated it and sent me their suggestions. I put it out on Airtable and waited for the list to have enough resources. Last Tuesday, I got my 100th suggestion and I decided I will build a quick directory website using these amazing resources over the weekend.

I started with refining the list, removing dead links, providing one-line descriptions, finding related thumbnails for each link and categorizing them. I wanted a quick way to make a website out of my Airtable list, I looked for some services and found this lifesaver called Table2Site. I spent my entire weekend building it and Voila! It’s Alive! 🎉

Product Hunt:


One Hour Post-Launch 😬

I launched on Product Hunt, shared it on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApped a bunch of my connections which resulted in four to five obligated upvotes with no major interest.

Suddenly I noticed it had been re-scheduled for launch by Product Hunt! Confused and annoyed I emailed them and waited for a response.

Telling myself it’s okay you only spent a weekend on it, you can’t possibly expect more traction.

Two Hours Post-Launch 🤓

They responded, Congratulations!! Your product has been selected as the second best product of the day.

Now I am like, you see!! some good will come out of this plus second best product of the day sounds amazing.


Five Hours Post-Launch 🥳

I see a spike in the traffic. 10 real-time visits, suddenly it’s 80. I open a new tab on my chrome browser which by default opens Muzli inspiration plugin and guess what? is featured right there for thousands of designers!


One Day Post-Launch 🦄

15,000 genuine visits, almost 500 high-quality subscribers from the design community. I got a bunch of emails and tweets from the community appreciating my tiny weekend effort.

Final Thoughts

Lately, I have started hating this “Go Big or Go Home” mentality infecting startups and the product industry. I really do want to go home (home is good) to create small, fun and honest products over a single weekend or even several weekends.

With this little glimpse of potential, I have decided to spend my next one-year building several tiny helpful products for designers so that they all can go home early. 😘