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List of Typography Resources (Find Good Fonts)

I decided to put together all my typography resources into one single story, would appreciate it if you could add to it as well. It includes list of recently bought fonts, places to browse paid and free fonts, deals on fonts, books and ipad apps about typography.


Absolute Recommendation:

  • History of Type [ 5 min. gorgeous stop motion animation which tells you all the history you need to know ]

These are the places I go to browse and buy fonts:

Good Places To Know The Trend:

Some Free Fonts:

Typography in Motion:



You can read and learn about typography but don’t look for tutorials try things out for yourself, try to reason your choice. It looks good is not a reason.

International Type Foundries:

Web Fonts:

Fun Things:

Some Typography Apps:

Font Detection:

Great Deals:

Recent Purchases:

One thing I would like to point out is if you want nice typography start paying for it. Most fonts are designed by individuals not big organizations, these individuals work really hard and with extreme passion ( keep them happy ).

Help me add more to the list, comment with the links below. I keep updating this document so feel free to come back and look for more links.