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Top 7 ipad apps for creatives

I decided to make a list of seven apps which I really use to boost my creativity. There are plenty of creative apps in the app store I can't possibly use them all, so I would love to know if you have some other suggestions.

Paper by FiftyThree [Free but awesome in app  purchases]

You might have heard of it, according to me its the best designed drawing app out there. They believe in keeping things simple yet smart. The interface is amazing. Probably the best feature is a unique pressure sensitive stroke controlled by the speed of which its made rather than pressure. It means if you move the brush at the same speed the stroke width remains the same but where ever you change your speed, the width increases which results in beautiful strokes.

iA Writer [$0.99]

An amazing writing app. This again keeps thing too simple and only gives you core essentials with a beautiful font family Nitti Light and a really nice interface. It is cloud based and available for mac so writing is seamless for you. I use it for all the writing I do.


Adobe Ideas [Free]

The oly thing I want to say is, you draw with a freehand brush tool and it saves it as vector which is editable later on Illustrator. You have layers and yes you can place image for reference. *Amazing*


Art Authority [$9.99]

If you you missed art history at school or you are an art history buff this app is for you. The interface is a little old school but the information is great.

 Art Authority for iPad transports you to an enthralling, real-world art museum filled with works by over 1,000 of the western world's greatest artists, from ancient times to today. 60,000 paintings and sculptures, organized into eight period-specific rooms, each room a gateway to a whole museum's worth of art. Choose an artist by movement or name, and become instantly immersed in an exhibition devoted just to that artist. Search for and compare different artists' works by title, subject or location, or just wander at random and get lost in the art.


Showcase App [$4.99]

Ever wanted to take your art or design work on your ipad to show to a client? Yes this is what it dose. You make an account put your projects on it and it elegantly showcases it on your iPad. You just have to sync it once and then you don't need internet connectivity to access it. I have used in many meetings and it never bailed on me. I would love to see video options for now its just images.


Pinterest App [Free]

If you don't live

under a rock you must know what is

Pinterest. I use it to make awesome looking moodboards and sometimes just explore inspiration in general. If you love the website you will love the app.


Air Display [$9.99] 

Make your iPad into a second display of your mac.  It works nice never crashes and I use it a lot.