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Jessica Hische - Creative Mornings Vancouver

I was fortunate enough to be  present at the creative mornings talk with the extremely talented and super entertaining  Jessica Hische. It was totally worth it to show up at the event even without the ticket and plead until they allowed me to attend. I was the last one to enter the hall but didn't miss anything. I am a  new fan so I didn't know about the event until I saw her tweet about it!

The talk was one of the best talk ever, I wish I had a big ass like button for it. I absolutely adore her work but never thought I would get so much out of the talk. I agree to everything she said, most of all that the fact people (designers) should stop pretending they are a co-operation and promote themselves as a person, which will make the public care about them and make them someone people can relate to. I won't discuss more about the talk, I want you to see it right now! and check out her kick ass portfolio.